Book 6: Catch of the Day

What do a water trampoline and a teeter-totter have to do with Newton’s Three Laws of Motion? What about those mysterious splashes in the night?

Fishing, playing in the water, weighing a freshly-caught fish without a scale (a weighing instrument, not a scale-less fish)…all these activities are ordinary ways of enjoying a last-of-summer outing. If the Maloney family is around, you know to expect the out-of-the-ordinary.

This book has 68 pages and about 18,500 words. $18.

The table below shows some of the important topics and subtopics in Catch of the Day, by chapter, plus some links to several additional information resources on the Web. Links that are especially for children are shown in orange.


Resource Links

Helpful Hints

Math: why learn when apps are everywhere?

Chapter 1
Door County Memories

Health: eyesight; cataracts

Chapter 2
Exploring “Loch Land”

Earth, Space Science: Spring-fed ponds; harvest timing; uses for soy crop; using non-disposable utensils; Life Skills: best time to fish; Engineering: hand water pumps; Physics: self-inflating devices Loch Ness legend

Chapter 3
A Water Trampoline = Newton’s Laws of Motion?

Physics: Newton’s Laws of Motion; Life Skills: imagery to overcome fear; Language: play on words Newton’s Laws of Motion
Newton’s Laws of Motion (advanced)

Chapter 4
A Fish Story

Physics: moonlight reflected on water; Biology: catfish; animal behavior; Life Skills: fishing

Chapter 5
A Fishier Story

Arts: Dr. Doolittle; drawing; Biology: animal behavior

Chapter 6
A Fun Way to Weigh

Physics: estimating weight by balance; Newton’s Laws; insects riding wind currents; force, distance and weight; Biology: dragonflies; Language: play on words Insect migration

Chapter 7
An Old-Fashioned Way to Weigh

Biology: large and small mouth bass fish; tomatoes; Engineering: platform scale; Life Skills: weights and measures; tare weight; Math: counting; multiplying; division; converting measures; Human, Family Values: gratitude; politeness; respect; Language: play on words Large and small mouth bass

Chapter 8
A Fishy Surprise

Physics: getting true weight; Life Skills: eating bony fish safely

Chapter 9
How Gardens Do Grow

Life Skills: gardening; soil preparation; observation; Biology: plant seeds; pollination; plant leaves; plant life cycle; bean sheath; Human, Family Values: playing tricks on family members

Chapter 10
Some Answers; Next Adventure

Biology: animal behavior; edible flowers; Human, Family Values: respect; Health: nutrition; Life Skills: money value; willingness to try something new; Chemistry: plant substances with health value; Language: word meanings; Arts: writing poetry; Physics: Newton’s Laws