Book 2: E-I-E-I-Uh Oh

With a moo moo here, And a moo moo there, Here a moo, there a moo, Everywhere a moo moo. “Mom, will there be cows and pigs and chickens on the farm?”

7-year-old Mallory Maloney wanted to be an extremophile, just like his twin sister Melody. His inquisitive nature sometimes gets in the way of caution and common sense, although that inquisitive nature is exactly what revealed his own special abilities.

Book details: 53 pages + introduction and Index; 15,986 words; 31 photos, maps, drawings and other illustrations. $18. Published September, 2015 in print and e-book (Kindle).

Parents and teachers may find the following table helpful for guiding young readers of E-I-E-I-Uh Oh to additional learning resources; it also identifies topics and subtopics of the science, fine and liberal arts, health, work and family values appearing in each chapter.

There are two types of Resource Links: 1) websites with age-appropriate information for children have links in bold and 2) sites with more-advanced content for parents, teachers and bright children who want to learn more. The Resource Links aren’t complete yet. Due to the fluid nature of the Internet, many of the links found early in the writing process no longer exist.  We’re updating each book’s resource tables.

Resource Links

Helpful Hints

Social, Society: family relationships; Earth, Space Science: car pollution

Chapter 1
And Lettuce Seeds All  in a Row

Social, society: family relationships; Life Skills: gardening; Earth, Space Science: farming; Math: symbols Greater than/less than symbols

Chapter 2
A Car of the Future?

Chemistry: hydrogen fuel; water; Earth, Space Science: the environment New fuel cell technology

Chapter 3
Down to Earth

Human, Family Values: generosity, gracious acceptance; Biology: cows’ milking time; soil bacteria, uses in antibiotics; Chemistry: pH Fuzzy logic rice cookers
Soil testing techniques

Chapter 4

Physics: sticking to cold things; Life Skills: calm reasoning; gardening; Family Values: disobedience, sibling loyalty; Health: sausage ingredients; Biology: cow eyes

Chapter 5
A Chicken in Every Pot

Biology: chicken as food; Life Skills: catching, preparing chickens; Engineering: water pump; Physics: drawing water from ground; Earth, Space Science: groundwater, geysers, climate zones; Language: word derivation (aquifer) Catching, plucking chickens
How hand water pumps work
Water table, groundwater
Groundwater, aquifers, wells
Illinois climate zones

Chapter 6
A Farm Chore Turns Fun

Social, Society: farm life; sharing household chores; Earth, Space Science: sunrise, sky colors; Biology: cow milk production; Life Skills: milking cows; Engineering: fuzzy logic rice cooker; Work, Careers: software engineering

Chapter 7

Earth, Space Science: night sky; Big Dipper; Life Skills: taking care of tools; telling time by stars; Arts: writing poetry; telling stories Using Big Dipper for compass

Chapter 8
Back to Familiar Life

Social, Society: traditions; Biology extremophiles; aging eyesight; Physics: dry ice, temperature lowering; Chemistry: dry ice, chemical composition; Work, careers: airplane pilot, retirement; Language: play on words; Technology: clean fuel Dry ice

Chapter 9
Next Adventure

Life Skills: gardening; Health: nutritious meals; healthy aging; Earth, Space Science: pollution reduction; Human, Family Values: generosity; gratitude; Language: play on words; Art: creating star maps