BioFables’ Mission

To create captivating books, website and other resources for lifelong learning to:

  • Help kids realize that it’s cool to learn stuff about the natural and social world
  • Help parents refresh what they’ve learned and discover practical ways to uncover and organize cool stuff, wherever they find it
  • Provide a robust resource of science and humanities topics STEM/STEAM* for educators

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

BioFables’ Vision
  • Helping to improve and enrich life globally by democratizing STEM/STEAM awareness, knowledge and skills throughout the world through an ongoing series of novels and other resources.
BioFables’ Author

Longtime Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and former research biochemist, now turns from writing factual, technology-based reports to children’s novels that weave science, humanities and values into a series of entertaining stories. Joanne Gucwa’s Biography

More about BioFables

While written for children, BioFables’ family-friendly approach to reading and learning appeals to parents (especially home-schoolers), grandparents and teachers. Each book contains dozens of examples of the countless opportunities that everyday life offers for exploring how the natural world works. Add travel to the mix and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects reveal their secrets in a fun, spontaneous way. Learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of BioFables.

In Series 1, The Adventures Begin, secrets and mysteries surround 7-year-old twins Mallory and Melody Maloney as they discover exciting things about themselves and the world around them. You’ll meet their parents, Grandpa Mike and a friendly scientist in the first book. Later books in this 12-book series will introduce additional members of the Maloney family, along with a variety of friendly, helpful people happily share their own experiences and unique wisdom.

Each of the twelve books comprising Series 1 introduces a broad assortment of topics. The eclectic mixture of subjects in the books mimics real life. Melody and Mallory come across nuggets of information ranging from astronomy to music to zoology (and hundreds of others in between). Which subject areas will spark your childrens’ imaginations?

You can help ignite those sparks. The Series 1 Book List at the right offers brief descriptions of all books in Series 1, both published and those in process. Click on one of the book titles under the Book List to find a brief summary of that book’s contents and a table of subjects appearing in each chapter with links to additional resources on the Web (age-appropriate links are highlighted).

We’re developing a new tool for you to be able to examine each book even more deeply with each book’s Companion Book atlas for parents and teachers. Companion Books will parallel their respective children’s books; major Knowledge Gateways™ are represented by colorful, annotated pinwheels.

Charts and Discovery Path™ trails through the Knowledge Gateways match the colors of the pinwheel. Supplemental narratives offer addition background information and serve as conversation starters; write or draw in the jotting spaces to personalize the books with your own life experiences for sharing meaningful insights with children who are reading BioFables books.