Why provide BioFables’ fictional characters with their own biography and blog… with their own byline?

Well, adult readers usually appreciate biographic information because it provides a deeper understanding of the characters’ personalities and can give hints about future books. These details tend to disrupt a story’s flow. Hence, the biographies.

Children, on the other hand, tend to accept the world as it is presented in the books they read. Details of the adult characters’ early lives is a sure way to stop young readers from turning the pages. Hence, this additional section.

Biographies and BioBlog posts by adult characters offer adult readers insights into the characters’ thought processes and often include practical tips on achieving a robust, healthy and fulfilling life. Biographies (and future BioBlog posts) by Melody and her brother Mallory might interest young readers, especially the different way they report on the same events.

Characters picked their own emojis to represent three of the most important aspects of their lives. They’ve also picked three of their favorite colors for the divider bars.

Biographies have been written by Agnes Maloney, Mallory Maloney, Melody Maloney, Mike Maloney and Mort Maloney. These are the core Maloney family members. Other important characters will be asked to write their biographies and offer BioBlog posts. We will post their contributions  as they are written.

The events the characters reference are written from their own unique perspective. Even Melody sees things differently from her twin brother, not to mention the three adult family members. Feel free to add your comments regarding any of their biographies or blog posts by sending an email to