Site Tips

Site Tips

The BioFables book series offers you a chapter by chapter, at-a-glance, guide to the science and humanities subjects appearing in each book. Click on any of the book titles in the drop-down menu in the tab Series 1 Book List or at the right list of site pages and scroll down to the table.

The major subject categories are in bold, followed by the subtopics occurring under that category for a given chapter. We thought using every-day language for the subtopics, rather than formal taxonomic nomenclature (see what we mean?), would speak to all readers. Some of the subject have links to more information available at external web sources. Orange links point to sites with a particular focus on children’s learning. Updating these links is an ongoing exercise, as some links tend to evaporate over time.

To order any BioFables book, click on the link to the book’s page (the list of pages appear in the right-hand column) and then click on the book’s image. You’ll be taken to that title’s page at CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

Updates of  the information resources provided for each book is an ongoing process.

In the works:

Companion books for parents and teachers. Publication for Book 3’s Companion Book is now published; Companions for the other books are planned for later release.

How Melody and Mallory Discovered They Were Extremophiles, an easy-to-read version of the first two books for younger readers. Release is planned in the future.

Book 7, Pumpkins, Mazes and More, publication is underway. Subsequent books (see list) are forthcoming.

For e-mail notifications of new releases, please send an email to publisher.