Site Tips

Site Tips

You will find STEM, Humanities and Values mini- and pop-up lessons in all BioFables books. The main page of each book offers a Resources section with four pairs of lists and tables for that specific book:

        1. Combined STEM, Humanities and Values content
        2. STEM content
        3. Humanities content
        4. Values content

The combined list identifies the Basic, Hybrid and Applied categories for the three major classifications we use for BioFables: STEM, Humanities and Values. Since Math (STEM),  Health (Humanities) and Learning/Knowledge/Skills (Values) span both basic and applied knowledge, we have placed them in their own hybrid category. The branches and sub-branches of the other tables follow the category order of the combined list.

The combined table provides content details by chapter. A brief abstract follows the chapter title. Major branches are color-coded, followed by specific subjects or topics in italics and the sub-branch the subject/topic belongs to in (parantheses). Links to outside resources include child-friendly links identified in orange.

You may notice that some subjects or topics appear in several categories; this is because of the inevitable overlap among the smaller divisions of the knowledge branches.

Click on any of the book titles in the drop-down menu in the tab Series 1 Book List or at the right list of site pages and scroll down to the resources section.

We use every-day language for the subtopics, rather than formal taxonomic nomenclature (see what we mean?), would speak to all readers.

To order any BioFables book, click on the link to the book’s page (the list of pages appear in the right-hand column) and then click on the book’s image. You’ll be taken to that title’s page at Amazon.

Updates of  the information resources provided for each book is an ongoing process.

In the works:

Companion books for parents and teachers. Publication for Book 3’s Companion Book is under revision; Companions for the other books are planned for later release.

How Melody and Mallory Discovered They Were Extremophiles, an easy-to-read version of the first two books for younger readers. Release is planned in the future.

Book 7, Pumpkins, Mazes and More, publication is underway. Subsequent books (see list) are forthcoming.

For e-mail notifications of new releases, please send an email to publisher.