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A whirlwind visit to some of the geographical wonders of this famous National Park reveals more than geysers and paint pots.

The Maloney family: Mom (Agnes), Dad (Mort), Melody 7-year-old twin sister) and Mallory (Melody’s brother). Grandpa (Mike) has given the family a year’s worth of mini-vacations to celebrate the twins’ milestone birthday, the transition age from toddler to the beginning of understanding right from wrong.

Whoosh Old Faithful Uncovers a Mystery

Learning how to feed chickens and milk a cow are ordinary, everyday experiences on a farm. Some experiences, though, are definitely out of the ordinary, as seven-year-old Mallory soon discovers.

Grandpa Mike accompanies the family on their visit to Mom’s cousin (“Uncle” Frank) and his wife (“Aunt Martha”). The 300-mile test drive of an experimental environmentally clean car is straight south from the Chicago suburb where they live.

E-I-E-I-Uh oh; Down on the (Family) Farm

   There’s more to the hills of sand than anyone could have anticipated. Especially when they shift over time. And then there are insect-eating plants, tree graveyards, and a real-life demonstration of the food chain in action.

Grandpa Mike decides his “old bones” aren’t ready for sleeping in a tent. The dome-shaped tent he buys for the family is made up of big and small triangles, leading to a discussion of Buckminster Fuller and his concepts behind geodesic domes.

Sand Sack; Singing Sands Sing No Secrets

  Catching fireflies is fun. Cicadas, too. But what happens when you mix a dog, a cave, and some bats?

Melody is bored by a geography presentation about the Mississippi River. She wanders off by herself and is soon discovered missing. All’s well that ends well, despite her own mishaps and those of her brother who thinks he knows where she is and tries to rescue her.

Palisades Escapades; Bats and a Bird Bring Bumps and Bruises

 A fish boil, a treasure map, a ferry ride across Death’s Door and more!

This time it’s Grandpa who experiences a mishap. If it weren’t for a bad stumble, the Maloney family would never have seen the International Space Station moving through the darkened sky. Grandpa’s ankle is okay, as it heals when the family stays overnight at the island’s lighthouse.

A Stone’s Throw; Two Islands Beyond the Peninsula

What do a water trampoline and Newton’s Laws of Motion have in common? How much does a sack of stuff weigh? Can a fish tell time? Find out!

A “swimming hole” pond and a water trampoline have lots of easy-to-remember several laws of physics. Even Rufus, the Maloney family’s 70-lb. pet dog, gets to demonstrate some of them.

Catch of the Day; How Much Does It Weigh?

Birds reveal direction, Grandpa Mike’s announcement surprises everyone, and the best pumpkin decorations don’t always win a prize.
Find out how leaves change color in the fall, visualize the size of an acre, and learn basic square dancing steps. The Maloney family’s pet dog Rufus gets a new doggie friend while the rest of the family learns how to find your way out of a forest without a compass.

Pumpkins, Mazes and…Grandpa’s BIG Surprise


Future BioFables Books

A Thanksgiving Project. “Tis better to give than receive, and so much better when the giving is done in secret. Everybody wins.
A Rocky Mountain Christmas. Looking for rescue dogs leads to a scary situation; a glimpse of a wild fox; family parties; a snowy “beach” and panning for gold are some of the many adventures in the thin mountain air.
Starved Rock in Winter. An astronomy lesson in a restaurant. Sliding on thin ice leads to a bowling lesson and a reminder to “think twice, act once.”
Mammoth Cave. Underground rivers, blind fish, and remembering the difference between stalactites and stalagmites are just a few of the discoveries awaiting the Maloney family.
Ninja Mom. Japan is a whole lot farther than Yellowstone, and not only in distance. Join the Maloneys as they discover differences and similarities in culture, food, and other features of Yokohama and beyond.