Book 2: E-I-E-I-Uh Oh

Photo of hand water pumpWith a moo moo here, And a moo moo there, Here a moo, there a moo, Everywhere a moo moo. “Mom, will there be cows and pigs and chickens on the farm?” Home gardening isn’t quite as interesting toLettuce seedlings Melody as the anticipation of getting up close and personal to cows and chickens and pigs. Her seven-year-old twin brother feels the same way. Waiting patiently for seeds to become yummy vegetables is not part of Mallory’s nature, and even waiting for lettuce seedlings to grow into salad material is too long. Better to dream about an adventure that’s only a week away. With an oink oink here, and an oink oink there, Here an oink…

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Helpful Hints Family relationships (Social); Car pollution (Earth)
Chapter 1
And Lettuce Seeds All in a Row
Family relationships (Social); Gardening (Life Skills); Farming (Earth); Symbols (Math) Equal, Less than, Greater than, Symbols
Chapter 2
A Car of the Future?
Hydrogen fuel; Water (Chemistry); Environment (Earth)
Chapter 3
Down to Earth
Generosity, graciousness (Values); Cow milking time; soil bacteria, use in antibiotics(Biology); pH (Chemistry) How Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers Work Testing pH of Soil Using Kitchen Ingredients
Chapter 4
Skin sticking to cold objects (Physics); Calm reasoning; Gardening (Life Skills); Sibling loyalty (Values); Sausage ingredients; Cow eyes (Biology) Why Does Skin Stick to Cold Things?
Chapter 5
A Chicken in Every Pot
Catching, preparing chicken for cooking (Biology, Life Skills); Making a campfire (Life Skills); Hand water pump (Physics); Groundwater; Geysers; Climate zones (Earth); Aquifer – word derivation (Language)  What Is the Water Table? How Does a Hand Pump Work? Plant Hardiness Zones How to Pluck a Chicken
Chapter 6
A Farm Chore Turns Fun
Farming life, sharing household chores (Social); Sunrise, sky color transition (Earth); Cow milking techniques (Biology); Software engineering (Work) How to Milk a Cow
Chapter 7
Night sky; Big Dipper (Earth); Taking care of tools; Telling time by stars (Life Skills); Writing Poetry; Telling stories (Arts) Finding the North Star in the Sky
Chapter 8
Back to Familiar Life
Traditions (Social); Extremophile; Aging eyesight (Biology); Dry ice, temperature (Physics, Chemistry); Chemical composition (Chemistry); Airplane pilot; Retirement (Work); Play on words (Language); Clean fuel (Earth) What Is Dry Ice? (Links, including  child-friendly)
Next Adventure Gardening (Like Skills); Nutritious meals; healthy aging (Health); Reducing pollution (Earth); Generosity, gratitude (Values); Play on words (Language); Creating star map (Art)