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Inspiring children’s curiosity and creativity by weaving tidbits of science and other knowledge into fun stories of (mostly) ordinary life and life’s pop-up learning moments
Our Mission

To create captivating books, this website, and other resources for lifelong learning to:

 😎    Help kids realize that it’s cool to learn stuff about the natural and social world

 😉    Help parents refresh what they’ve learned and discover practical ways to uncover cool stuff

😯   Provide a robust resource of science and humanities topics (STEM/STEAM) for educators

Our Vision

A full range of widely-read children’s, and informative Companion, BioFables books and online materials:

Spanning grades K-12

→ Covering key knowledge appropriate to each grade

→ Organized to enable simple identification of book by topic to enrich each child’s learning

Our Motto

Making a Difference

In everyday life, we encounter dozens – if not hundreds – of learning opportunities in science, math, interpersonal relationships, history, health, successes and disappointments … well, you get the idea.

BioFables books are designed to inspire curiosity about scientific principles, the arts and humanities that are all around them. Our objective is to lay the foundation for life-long learning for children to reach their full potential in school and throughout life.

BioFables books try to mimic the Big Picture of life and its smaller learning moments. Stories feature 7-year-old Melody and her twin brother Mallory. Factual tidbits of biology, chemistry and physics arise naturally as the Maloney family visit places as far away as Yellowstone National Park and as near as their own backyard vegetable garden in suburban Chicago. Family members and friendly people they encounter offer quick lessons in history, origins of words, geology, and much more.

Mischief is in the nature of smart seven-year-olds such as Mallory and Melody, abetted by Rufus, their black Labrador. In the only real departure from valid science, the twins discover their own unique, “extremophile” characteristics.  Not that the adults around them believe this to be true. Except, perhaps, Grandpa Mike. And he keeps his thoughts to himself…mostly.

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