Book 1: Whoosh

NewFrontCover“Race ya.”
 The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when Melody shouted this unexpected challenge to her twin brother Mallory.
 “No fair. You got a head start!”
 A head start was exactly what Melody had in mind. She wanted to make sure Mallory didn’t reach Old Faithful before she did. (He didn’t)

If 7-year-old Melody Maloney had been standing anywhere else or Geyser Eruptionat any other time, this would have been an ordinary adventure story. But nature has a way of behaving that doesn’t always follow the rules.

What happens when the Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park decides to misbehave? Melody and her twin brother Mallory find out, but no one believes them.

Parents and teachers may find the following table helpful for guiding young readers of Whoosh to additional learning resources; it also identifies subjects and topics of the sciences, humanities and family values appearing in each chapter.

Links in bold offer age-appropriate information for children; standard links offer more-advanced content for parents, teachers and bright children who want to learn more. Resource Links are updated periodically.


Helpful Hints

Chapter 1
Old Faithful = “Old Faceful?”

Earth, Space Science: geysers Old Faithful Area
Geysers at Yellowstone

Chapter 2
Old Faithful Behaves

Health: food and nutrition; Tai Chi exercises; Biology: microbes/bacteria; Earth, Space Science: Wyoming and Chicago Microorganisms

Chapter 3
Bubbling Along the Boardwalk

Earth, Space Science: paint pots; mud pots; geysers;  Language: sounds and spelling

Chapter 4
Nature: A Closer Look

Arts: drawing; Earth, Space Science: geysers; hot springs; fumeroles; paint pots; volcanoes; caldera; Chemistry: hydrogen sulfide; Language: word derivations; classic poetry Geysers (Wikipedia)
How Volcanoes Work
Types of Yellowstone Geysers

Chapter 5
All Steamed Up

Chemistry: water; molecules; steam; Math: comparing big and little things

Chapter 6
How Hot Is Hot?

Earth, Space Science: geysers; mud pots; Physics: heat; pressure; temperature; Language: classic books; writing/singing; poems

Chapter 7
Living Thermometers

Biology: bacteria; extremophiles; plant metabolism; Human, Family Values: humor; Language: word derivations; Technology: microscopes; Life Skills: creativity Extremophiles (Wikipedia)

Chapter 8
pH? What’s That?

Chemistry: pH; elements;  Work, Careers: dreams for the future

Chapter 9
Telling Grandpa Mike about Yellowstone

Family Values: Gratitude

Chapter 10
Next Adventure