211116 BioFables: Inspiring Life-Long Learning for Children and Parents


DATE: November 16, 2021


BioFables books celebrate children’s capacity for nearly limitless learning. Parents, especially homeschoolers, will appreciate the newly-expanded, free resources at BioFables. Multiple intuitive lists and tables organize each book’s 100 or so mini-lessons.

Author Joanne Gucwa taps into her chemistry and management consulting background to weave natural learning from three core areas into BioFables stories: 1) Science (“STEM”: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), 2) Humanities, and 3) Values/Behaviors Principles.

Why Science? Besides building critical thinking and curiosity, STEM majors make up every one of the top 25 degrees. Why Humanities? The so-called “soft” sciences increase understanding of ourselves and society. And why Values/Behaviors? Realistic examples of people demonstrating integrity, respect, and generosity (among many other behaviors) combine with science and humanities lessons to help young readers grow in knowledge, wisdom and potential for success.

The BioFables Series 1 Book List links to an introduction, lists and tables — including chapter-by-chapter — for the six current BioFables books. Site Tips offers further insights.

Chris Sjogren, educator in the Chicago and Seattle areas writes: “Inspiring lifelong learning in our richly diverse world.  These BioFables books are filled with numerous learning opportunities in everyday situations that span a spectrum of topics we want our naturally curious children to explore. The additional resources online for parents can help them guide their children on the paths to finding joy and value in lifelong learning as a mindset.”

Sales of BioFables books help support the expanding number of free website resources; parents can even use the BioFables classification schemes to mine the riches of other children’s books, including the classics from their own generation. Links to purchase BioFables books.


For media inquiries, contact the author: Joanne Gucwa, jogucwa@techmanage.com 312-984-5050 or 312-952-5649 (cell).

Keywords: Homeschool; Parents; Children; Science; STEM; Humanities; Values; Behaviors; Life-long Learning; Chemistry; Consulting