By Agnes Maloney, BioFables

I get asked a lot of questions about my FEAST philosophy. (Sand Sack, Book 3). As a wellness guide, I wanted to develop a simple, easy-to-remember guide to good health. I did want the guide to encompass the physical, mental and social aspects of well-being. No magic bullets, no 0ne-size-fits-all, no “do this (or these things) to achieve perfect health” advice. To me, achieving wellness is all about resilience, the ability to adapt as external or internal conditions change.

Thoroughly covering each FEAST item would require a book (and many excellent authors have done just that). Instead, I thought you might prefer just the “meat” of my ideas, rather than the full course from appetizer to dessert. So, with apologies to readers who are already groaning about the play on words, let’s start with the first ingredient on the list: FOOD.