210920 Defy Covid Dip Learning Woes


Monday, September 20, 2021

The “Covid Dip” in reading and math is deeper than educators expected. Anticipating this unfortunate result, Joanne Gucwa, chemist, management consultant and author of six BioFables children’s books has been expanding BioFables’ free resources to help parents defy this dip.

“Parents need all the help they can get in this period of remote, hybrid, and in-person classes, where necessary masks and social distancing could reduce a child’s ability to focus on lessons,” Gucwa says. “That’s why I decided to augment the home pages of each BioFables book at the biofables.com website with additional lists and tables that group the important mini-lessons into practical learning categories. Brief definitions of the major color-coded categories and subcategories, links to external resources (including child-friendly sites), descriptive snippets of the mini-lessons, and even a chapter-by-chapter outline are all designed to guide parents as their children read BioFables books.”

Since the frequently-updated website resources are supported by the sales of BioFables books, Gucwa hopes that these free guides will encourage parents to explore all six BioFables books for their value to their children. “By the way,” Gucwa says, “parents can use the BioFables classification schemes to mine the riches of other children’s books, including the classics from their own generation. In this generation, the main BioFables characters even write their own blogs.”

Parents and relatives are enthusiastic about BioFables: “It was a real pleasure…’meeting’ Melody and Mallory!” (Book 1, Whoosh); “I love that title! I am enjoying the book very much.” (Book 4, Palisades Escapades);  “A Stone’s Throw was particularly interesting to me because I had no awareness of these islands.” (Book 5).

Please explore the BioFables site to see for yourself how the BioFables books blend numerous aspects of Science, Humanities, and Values/Behaviors mini-lessons to help children develop critical thinking as they grow in learning and wisdom.


For media inquiries contact the author: Joanne Gucwa, jogucwa@techmanage.com 312-984-5050 or 312-952-5649 (cell).